Friday, June 7, 2019

Something and Nothing

            When you look on your various social media sites and realise you’ve not added any new art content in over a week, it tends to give you this creeping feeling that you’re a bit of a fraud, a lazy blagger. Then the penny drops that the reason you’ve not added anything new is that you’ve been creating for other places and you’re two hours into a history poster for the library you work in.
             Finding gaps to create isn’t always easy and finding them when you actually feel like it is even trickier, at least that’s how things have been rolling along for me lately. I’m not always in an artsy mood. There are those that advocate pushing through that barrier and I get it if it’s one of your main sources of income, but in my current position it simply sucks the fun out of cartooning to force myself to draw. Maybe I am just a blaggy old fraudster?! Mind you, that said, I do work better when I’ve got something definite to aim at. Perhaps I simply need more structured work, who knows?
             Here are a few shots of the poster. It’s still half done two hours in. I’ve got about eight or nine of these posters to do. It’s a fairly time consuming project but it’s giving me a marvellous opportunity to practice my skills on Procreate. I’ll keep sharing the project with you as it runs along. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

              Also ten house points for anyone that spots my signature.

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