Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sun’s Out Pollen Guns Out

                                       Little bit of summer silliness for you. Happy Wednesday.    


Saturday, June 22, 2019


         Time seems to move faster and faster the older you get. It was five years ago this very weekend that I slyly persuaded the bloke to visit me in Norwich, as a friend like, no funny business. *cheeky look to camera* Turned out we got on rather well and decided to do it again.
          Since then I’ve got into the old cartooning caper, so this year I was able to make two canvas prints of Gray’s feline friends as my gifts to him. Funnily enough after I’d already secretly got the prints on order for our anniversary, he suggested commissioning me to do him some pictures. Beat him to it but did myself out of some pennies. Dammit!

                                                            Happy 5th anniversary xx


Wednesday, June 19, 2019


            Having managed to get a handle on cat portraits, in my own little style, I decided to branch out and tackle rabbits, well, a rabbit. Here is my old girl Biscuits bunny. I was trying to work out how old she is this morning, reckon she must be ten by now. For years I’ve thought she must be on her last legs but there she is still going strong bless her cotton tail.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


        A doodle of my dad for Father’s Day. It has been pointed out that he looks a bit like Jeremy Corbyn in this. True I suppose but I like to think he’s more Bill Murray, much cooler. It’s the beard that does it. Back in the day he used to be likened to Noel Edmonds, Kenny Rogers and just for a giggle, Big Ron off of Eastenders.
        Dad’s put in a request to have this one as a canvas so I must be doing something right.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


                First of the latest library project posters complete. I’m seeing this work stretching out over the summer. Long sunny days cartooning in the garden ahead. That’s if it ever stops bloomin’ raining. Think I may do an ark for the religion poster!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Something and Nothing

            When you look on your various social media sites and realise you’ve not added any new art content in over a week, it tends to give you this creeping feeling that you’re a bit of a fraud, a lazy blagger. Then the penny drops that the reason you’ve not added anything new is that you’ve been creating for other places and you’re two hours into a history poster for the library you work in.
             Finding gaps to create isn’t always easy and finding them when you actually feel like it is even trickier, at least that’s how things have been rolling along for me lately. I’m not always in an artsy mood. There are those that advocate pushing through that barrier and I get it if it’s one of your main sources of income, but in my current position it simply sucks the fun out of cartooning to force myself to draw. Maybe I am just a blaggy old fraudster?! Mind you, that said, I do work better when I’ve got something definite to aim at. Perhaps I simply need more structured work, who knows?
             Here are a few shots of the poster. It’s still half done two hours in. I’ve got about eight or nine of these posters to do. It’s a fairly time consuming project but it’s giving me a marvellous opportunity to practice my skills on Procreate. I’ll keep sharing the project with you as it runs along. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

              Also ten house points for anyone that spots my signature.

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