Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Glastonbury Part 2

               As is my way I’ve been flummoxed by technology and couldn’t work out how to add another picture to my first post. Where there’s a will there’s a way though and we’ll just have Glastonbury in a few separate posts shall we?

                                                       GERRY CINNAMON

My eldest recommended this chap having seen him support the Courteeners last year I think. Gerry looked like he had an absolute blast playing his set. He’d brought plenty of fans along with him for a good old singalong. Nice work fella.


After a bit of a break I’m adding the mighty Foals to the Glastonbury line up. Absolutely loved their performance this year, brought back wonderful memories of seeing them at Bestival. Right up the front we were, back in the days where I felt like I could manage a festival. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Glastonbury 2019

           Now that it’s all over for another year I thought I’d stretch out the enjoyment and share with you some of my favourite acts from the festival. Even though I’ve only ever watched from the comfort of my sofa I do love the whole experience, making little lists of set times, planning meal times so I don’t miss anything I want to see. Though this year I mostly watched on the old iPad there so it was a fully portable experience. This will be a rolling post over the week as I complete my drawings. Hope you enjoy them.

                                                     TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB

Starting us off Two Door Cinema Club. Think I was introduced to this band by my Twitter chum Matt (@_BorkLife) a few years back now. They’ve recently released a new album which I’m enjoying very much. Was happy to see they were on the bill on Friday evening. Also hats off to singer Alex Trimble for his natty blue suit and yellow polo neck combo. Strong outfit game.


Had a toss up between these chaps and Tame Impala as their spots clashed. Turned out I was too old and rubbish to manage to stay awake to watch either on the Friday night. Caught up with both on the Saturday morning after my ridiculous body clock woke me at six. Love this guy’s voice so much, makes me go wibbly.


Christmas Tellybox