Sunday, May 12, 2019


      This morning I did some snooping around to find friendly online art communities. I feel I need like minded types to boost my creativity and help me to focus on the cartooning. It’s not always easy when you’ve got two jobs, children to think about, and a home to run on your own the majority of the time. I’d like that extra nudge to keep me going.
      I joined a site called Doodle Addicts, seems pretty nice so far. If you know of any others I could try I’d love to hear about them. I have to admit I’m definitely ready for a change from the current atmosphere of Twitter. I’m sorry to say I’m finding it trying, which is a huge shame because it used to be my go to place. Instagram has been a much better fit for me in the last year or so, from an artist’s point of view. Haven’t quite figured out Pinterest as yet and I’ve always felt a bit lost on tumblr.
       Trouble is of course with extra social platforms comes the need for extra content. Can’t very well be sharing the same stuff on everything now can I? Or can I?


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